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Mama Says.

“Oh, Honey.
Why did you do that?
If your mom was still here,
What would she say?”
I don’t get to know.
I’ll never get to know.
If she saw me now, I can’t say she’d be proud.
I can’t say she’d like my hair
Or my nose rings
The men I date or my laundry list of bad decisions
But my mama was stubborn and strong
She lived her life like no one was watching
She made her own decisions
And she didn’t make them for you
So when you ask me what mother would say
I say
She would cross her legs in her rocking chair
Put her hand on her hip
Point at you with all five fingers
And wave ’em around
My Mama says
You don’t fuck me
Feed me
Or finance me
So it’s none of your business
My Mama says
That she doesn’t need to please anybody
My Mama would be proud of me loving myself
My Mama would love me for me
And I know no one else is obligated to do so
So the next time you ask me
What my mother would say
Remember who raised me
Remember all the times she told you
That you were all stupid bitches
Put her shoes on
And walked out your door
And know that she taught me to do the same


23 year old poet from Columbus, Ohio. Follow me on Twitter and Instagram (@CandyCain152) for blog updates, artwork, for my random thoughts and to hear all about what I'm reading and listening too.

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