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The Days of the Weak

Man crush Monday
Missing my man Monday
I’ve been missing you for a lot of Monday’s
Wishing you were still my man this Monday
Time turner Tuesday
Trying to turn back time Tuesday
To when we were together
Going back past the days we spent fighting
Woman crush Wednesday
Just another woman you crushed up
Wishing you were here Wednesday
Wishing I hadn’t thrown out all your stuff last Wednesday
Wishing I still had you
I had already planned our wedding Wednesday
Throwback Thursday
Throwback to all the pictures
Deleted from my phone
But I can’t erase them from my memory
Flashback Friday
Flashback to when you said you loved me It was a Friday
Flashback to every memory
Forget him Friday
Why can’t i fucking forget you Friday
Forget all the Friday nights I spent laid up beside you
Stop thinking about him Saturday
Saturdays are for the boys
Saturday is for the boy I cannot erase from my memory
Wishing my heart was a dry erase board that I could wipe away every word you ever told me
Self care Sunday
Why don’t you care Sunday
Caught up on the thought that you might love me again
Maybe some day
The days of the week
Most days I still get week at the knees
Caught up on distant memories
Waiting for your name to pop up on my phone screen
I just want you to say you miss me.


23 year old poet from Columbus, Ohio. Follow me on Twitter and Instagram (@CandyCain152) for blog updates, artwork, for my random thoughts and to hear all about what I'm reading and listening too.

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