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Eviction Notice

I spent all my time preparing for you
Remodeling all my broken parts
Patching up all the holes in my heart
Scrubbing the stained carpets so you couldn’t see all the flaws
I painted the walls the color of your eyes when you smile
Opened the blinds so the light could hit them just right
I shooed out the butterflies into the garden of my expectations
Sweeping out the cobwebs of all my ex-Lovers
I let you take up residence in my mind
You unpack humor
You unpack joy
I give you the smile I forgot I loved to wear
We place it on the mantle
It feels like a home for you
I show you what’s behind all the doors of my secrets
And then one day
You close the blinds
Draw the curtains
And filled me with darkness
But you started punching holes in the walls of my heart
Shattered all the glasses of my self respect
Until I could only feel that stinging ache
Your dog shit on the carpet of my self esteem
And alongside my pride
You threw it all out in the garbage
You caught me on fire and I didn’t realize it until I was left gasping for air
I’ve spent years trying to replace you
But I’m too dumb to change the locks
So you just barge back in
So you can finish your demolition
But today I’m coming home
And I’m evicting you from my memory
And charging you for all the damages
I put In plexi-glass
So my windows don’t break
When you start tossing rocks
Soundproof the walls
So I can’t hear our song on your boombox
Who, the fuck, still owns a boombox?
I unclogged the toilet you left overflowing with your bullshit
I patched up all the holes in the walls
But I don’t repaint them
So I know to never let you back in
I take my smile from the mantle
And slip back into it
Like a silken robe
Consider this
Your eviction notice


23 year old poet from Columbus, Ohio. Follow me on Twitter and Instagram (@CandyCain152) for blog updates, artwork, for my random thoughts and to hear all about what I'm reading and listening too.

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