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My Honest Poem (After Rudy Francisco)

Firstly, if you haven’t hear Rudy Francisco’s “Honest Poem,” go do that right now. Rudy Francisco is one of my favorite modern poets and his work (both on stage and on paper) is absolutely phenomenal. In fact, if you decided to go down some downward spiral of YouTube on his videos and forget you were reading this I wouldn’t even be mad.

Secondly, I’ve written this poem inspired by his amazing work. So, here’s my honest poem:

I don’t know how to swim
I was sixteen when I got baptized,
I was so scared of the water
I shouted FUCK really loud
I’m pretty sure I’ve been drowning ever since.
I said my brothers name
Before I said mama
I’ve listened to the same 2000’s pop punk songs
Since the 2000’s
I’m still secretly in love with Nick Jonas
I’m still secretly in love with a long list of men
I take everything way to seriously
I fall in love at the first kiss
And will spend a lifetime waiting for the second
I make a lot of jokes about dying
But whisper please dont kill me when i cross a busy street
I wear my heart on my sleeve so often
But am always so confused when it gets ripped from my shoulder
Leaving so many holes in my sweater
But every time I find it again
It gets a little bigger
I call my father by his first name
He understands that Dad is a badge of honor to which he will never meet the requirements
I like to wear my mother’s ring
On days when i feel like I need her superpowers
I’ve worn it a lot these last few months
Now that I have inherited her tendency to dye my hair blonde
And her Prozac prescription
I keep my stepfathers watch in hopes that one day I can fasten it to a man’s wrist
And love him like my mother always did
Today I try it on
Trying to learn how to love myself
It has the tendency of falling off
Some shoes are just too big to fill
Speaking of shoes,
My cousin always says my feet smell like cool ranch Doritos
I can no longer eat cool ranch Doritos
Speaking of shoes,
When I put them on I always feel the urge
To break into a full sprint and run away
The pile-up of problems always feels like it’s chasing me
And most days, I get caught
I have tendency of getting caught up on what to say
So I just talk forever
Hi, my name is Candy
I’m twenty three
I’m afraid of absolutely everything
But my biggest fear is rulers because I don’t think I’ll ever measure up
I don’t have any dreams because I’ve forgotten how to sleep
I was almost born in a Walmart parking lot
And now I have a tendency of discounting everything I do
I don’t know much,
But I do know this:Love comes at a high price
And I am worth every penny




23 year old poet from Columbus, Ohio. Follow me on Twitter and Instagram (@CandyCain152) for blog updates, artwork, for my random thoughts and to hear all about what I'm reading and listening too.

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