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Old tanning pages lurk in the bottom of my dresser drawer
Folded into quarters,
Coated in a smudged gray charcoal pencil
Lines slanted and smeared to the point that I can no longer read them
Not that I’m sure I ever could
I don’t know why I still have it
I haven’t spoken to you in nearly ten years
I remember the day I ripped your letter from the wall
Let the poetry fall to the floor
The way my heart fell deep into the pit of my stomach
Cutting the day you left me out of the calendar
I always expect everyone to leave
But always hoped for an eternity with you
So I would never have to remember it again
But now I choose to remember
To remember the days when my idea of love began to blossom
In gardens of poetry from fourteen year old boys
I kept the letter where you told me you were sorry
You put the word sorry in there at least twenty times
A handful of RAWR XD’s
And a hope that one day we could be friends
We never made it that far
I think you blocked me on Facebook
Even though your mom didn’t
Seas of lovers long since past
But I still put your words back in my drawer
I wonder if you know I still write poetry about you
I hope one day you do.


23 year old poet from Columbus, Ohio. Follow me on Twitter and Instagram (@CandyCain152) for blog updates, artwork, for my random thoughts and to hear all about what I'm reading and listening too.

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